Wired Cooking - Wired Cooker - 01

Wired Cooking - Wired Cooker

Year: 2021

Our services: Mechanical development

Customer: Wired Cooking

To revolutionize cooking itself, nothing less than that is the mission of Wired Cooking. We supported them in the development of the hardware – in Zurich the plug and the electronic box were developed, in Shenzhen all components were sourced. We were challenged by the limited space available, the seal on the curved pot surface, and the pressure equalization of the heating chamber. This is now taken care of by a tiny 7mm diameter umbrella valve integrated into the plug. Water tightness is guaranteed by potting the plug contacts. The pots, plugs and electronic boxes are produced by 4tec and we are already very much looking forward to preparing our first lunch with this innovative device!

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