Theftex - Thingfox - 01

Theftex- Thingfox

Year: 2021

Our services: Mechanical development

Customer: Thingfox

The Thingfox tracker is a smart tracking solution for the logistics sector – versatile in use and equipped with a beautiful housing. 4tec was responsible for the development of the housing: from the concept to the final product. The housing of the GPS tracker was developed to pre-series readiness within a very tight schedule. In cooperation with Schuler Product Design, all functions were integrated into a stylish design. The trackers are used in the logistics sector and must be able to withstand harsh conditions at sea. Using printed prototypes, early tests could be made for water tightness (IP65) and all snap connections. The housing can be opened by means of hidden snaps with pressure on the seal at 6 points by trained personnel. For the end user, however, the snaps are not visible and can hardly be opened.

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