Stadtpolizei Zürich - Laufputzstand - 01

Zurich City Police - Gun cleaning machine

Year: 2023

Our services: Mechanical development, production

Customer: Stadtpolizei Zürich
Development of an MP barrel cleaning rig for the new "Blaulicht" training centre of the Zurich city police. Simple procedure for the maintenance of firearms. The barrel cleaner brush cleans the firearms safely and automatically.
When the STOP button is pressed, a position sensor is integrated to ensure that the brush reliably moves to the upper standby position. This enables the gun to be attached to or removed from the machine. The main focus during the development of the cleaning rig was on the robustness and reliability of the machine. The machine is driven by a durable induction motor and the entire technology is integrated into a solid aluminium profile frame construction, invisible to the user.

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