4tec - Teststand - 01

4tec engineering - Helmet test rig

Year: 2019

Our services: Dimensioning of the components, mechanical development, assembling components

Customer: Own development

Safety plays a central role in helmet development. For this reason, our own modular helmet test rig was developed, with which the common standards can be tested. Meanwhile, the following standards can be covered: EN379, EN812, EN 12492, EN14052, ANSI Z89-1, AS-NZS 1801. The testing of further standards is planned: EN966, EN1077 and EN1078. Force measurement and data evaluation are handled by piezo sensors from Kistler. The high drop height for the ANSI standard required creativity in the customer’s installation. The floor under a skylight was lowered by 10cm so that the test rig could be set up.

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